About Whitehats

Whitehats LLC, member of Pharaon group of companies, was established in 2007 in Dubai with an aim to facilitate its clients through excellence of its services & solutions. Today, in small period of time, it has earned enormous repute for its professional services not only in UAE but all around the Gulf region. We have a long list of satisfied clients belonging to almost all the major categories of businesses.

With our main focus on IT support, we are also providing a full package of services that are nowadays required by companies and organizations to run their businesses and operations. Content Writing is just another dimension of our multi-faced working regimen at Whitehats.

Although home to variety of professionals bringing in their own expertise, Whitehats has beautifully synergized this pool of experience to meet the requirements of its clients. Without making any compromise on the quality of its work, Whitehats has delivered services and solutions to its clients that were not only budget friendly but helped redefine their working environment.

We promise our clients, a complete dedication to bring the best products which can help them grow both in size and quality. Years of experience of our esteemed staff will be at the disposal of our clients to get services that help them prosper in their line of business by leaps and bounds.

Apart from Content writing services, Whitehats is also providing following services to its clients


  1. More Blogging, More indexing

    Blogs give websites 434% more indexed pages and 97% more indexed links and on cyberspace greater indexing means greater leads.

  2. User Trust

    90% of consumers find custom content useful and 78% believe that organizations providing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them.

  3. Social Media following

    Interesting content is among the top 3 reasons why brands are followed on social media.

  4. Everyone is doing it

    9 out of 10 Chief Marketing Officers believe that content have positive effect on audience attitudes and help them to strengthen bond with customers.

  5. It’s more important than you think

    84% Chief Marketing Officers agree that custom content represents “Future of Marketing”.