Service Level agreements also known as SLA are formally part of contracts that are specially written to inform the signing authority about the service that will be formally provided. Although it seems to be a simple explanation of the services that can even be written by staff of professional who will be delivering those services but in reality these SLAs are one of the most crucial part of any SLA. Even a slight loose hand can comprise not only the deal but the whole reputation of a company.

Whitehats understands the importance and technical value of these SLAs and hence we offer our clients with services to write SLAs that will not only take care of even the smallest detail but will also relieve them of any future liability.

Our content writers produce SLAs consisting of following features

  • Complete detail of services to be provided
  • Performance standards
  • Duties of signing parties
  • Warranties
  • Disclamation of any liability

Our staff of experienced content writers will ensure that SLAs written by them are in line with the best practices used in the industry. Laws governing the delivery of SLA particular services will also be duly researched so that no legal ramification of the agreement is left out.

We commit with our client to provide services that will take care of their best interests without making any compromise on the quality of promised services.


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