Services/Solutions Descriptions

Service Descriptions are important part of any service selling website. However, the effectiveness of the service descriptions depends a lot on the way they have been written. has been in the business of writing service descriptions for long enough to understand their nature. Here is how our service description writing business will be of help to your organization.

Right Length of Descriptions

The length of the service description varies with the type of service that you are offering to customers. The writers know from experience the requirements and accordingly right service descriptions. We make sure that the service descriptions we right are of just the right length and deliver the message in the most effective manner possible without the need to unnecessary drag on.

Service Personification

The buyer persona cannot be defined without writing proper service descriptions. We make a mental note of the potential buyer to whom you are aiming to sell your service. This helps us identify the target audience. When we start to write service descriptions, we try to think about the likes and dislikes of your potential customer. This helps us create a service centric description which is more personalized and persuasive.

Features Enlisting

One of the most important aspects of promoting a service is its features., through competitor analysis understands the key features which must go into writing a particular service description. Our step by step approach in writing service descriptions helps you get more attention from potential buyers and resultantly more visitors successfully converted into sales.

Use of Right Tone

Service descriptions must not be boring monologues depicting self-talk and lacking enthusiasm. This is why we write fun oriented service descriptions which aim to engage the potential customers. The idea is to discuss the key points because of which the customer needs the service. We make sure to discuss the ways in which your service will be helpful to them to help them connect with it in a more meaningful way.

Inclusion of Numbers or Statistics

We understand that business runs with statistics and numbers. This is why after consultation with our clients we may also include numbers or statistics. This quantifies your business experience or expertise, showing potential customers the level of success that you have already achieved and you could imitate the same. This may include numbers for customers, sales figures, years of experience in industry or growth in subscribers among so many other things.

Working with Clients

Once the first draft of a service description is submitted, we give our customers time to analyze it. Our writers or the contact person gets in touch with the customer in case there is a need to improve it. The aim is to fine tune the service descriptions written for your business as per your specific requirements.

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