Website Development

Proposal for Website Development

We also help our customers prepare proposals for website development. The idea is to ensure that all the technical aspects of website development have been adequately taken care of. Here is how we approach the website development proposal. The details may or may not be applicable to a project depending on its specific nature. This is just a comprehensive example may include extra information.

Analysis of Deployed Technologies

If a new website has been prepared to replace an existing one then an analysis of deployed technology is written before anything else. The purpose is to let the business organization know the type of technology which will be used in creating the website. The reason for the change of technology (if any) is also mentioned to let them know why a different technology would be more helpful instead.


The project management plan is written. This initial planning helps set the basis for allocating resources which are needed to complete the entire website development project as per your client’s requirements.

Database Architecture Design

After the successful completion of the planning phase, this portion covers the database architecture design. In this phase all the important requirements related to database design are noted.

Wire Framing

In the wire framing section design aspects of the proposal are discussed. The important elements of navigation, link structure and other parts are also discussed.

Software Requirement Specification

This part covers the software which needs to be used to create a roadmap or blueprint for the project. This part of the website development proposal will help your remain on track once the go-ahead is given by the client.

Work Breakdown Structure

This section will provide a complete detail of the work breakdown structure which would help your customer know about the processes involved. This will help you know about the different sections of the website development process.

Coding & Development

The code and development process is also shared within the website development proposal to let your client know the methodology that you are following. This portion is entirely optional and depends on you if you want it included within the website development proposal or not.

User Manuals

A user manual forms an integral part of the website development proposal. This part becomes even more important when the website involves great deal of technicalities or the users are not technology savvy enough to use it effectively. The content for the user manual is entirely focused at make the website using experience an easy one.

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