Sales & Purchase

Sales & purchase is one of the most regularly finalized deals in the professional life of companies and organizations. They not only mean induction of fresh equipment in the working space of a company but also promise, may be, a longer partnership among the dealing parties. But no matter old or fresh partnership between the dealing companies, sales & purchase proposals are always crucial for both the companies. They can build way to new partnerships and can even sour years of dealing by even a minor lag of professionalism.

Professional content writers at Whitehats make sure that a proposal for sales or purchase is written without any lapse of perfection or minutest detail. For us, it is not just an ordinary business proposal but lifeline of our clients’ operation. We dare not leave any lose end in writing such an important document. Our business proposals for sales & Purchase consist of:

  • Detail of products
  • Price of
  • Mode of payment
  • Delivery mode and deadline
  • Conditions of delivery
  • Warranties and their claiming

Any further features or aspects that our client might need to add apart from the above mentioned features shall be duly incorporated in the business proposal. An urge of client satisfaction always serves as guiding light to our highly experienced professionals.

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