Our Group

R.Pharaon & Fils Group of companies, established in 1868, is a Beirut, Lebanon based holding company which has benchmarked Quality of services in all the mainstream business and services ranging from pharmaceuticals to broadcasting and from Information Technology to Insurance.

Repute and influence earned by Pharaon group of companies can be easily estimated by the fact that recently the group was listed on 56th position in Forbes Middle east due to the role it played in the Arab World with its large of companies operating in various part of the world and top notch service level maintained by them. Its commitment to excellence has helped the group to be regarded with respect in financial and business world all around the globe.

Pharaon Group either has major holdings or complete ownership of various companies operating in regions like Africa, Middle East & Europe. Some of the industries in which they function include

  • Contracting & Building
  • Gases & Chemicals
  • Shipping & Post services
  • Fragrance and Flavors
  • Environment & Public Health


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