Press Releases

Press releases are an old yet an effective method of public relations as it cements your presence in the public eye and helps you enhance your brand visibility. But with great marketing value also comes the need of a brilliantly written content because unlike other offsite content, Press release requires approval from publishing authority. Our experienced content writers who have written press released for various companies belonging to a diverse range of business will write the content for the press releases for your company or businesses that will get a straight shot approval from the editorial staff of publishing organization whether it is an online website, newspaper or magazine.

Press releases written by Whitehats for its clients consist of following qualities

  • Professional language of PR
  • Detailed description of purpose of PR
  • Comprehensive company profile
  • Views of company high-ups included

We promise you that Press releases written by our content writers for your operations will enable you to enhance your outreach to general public as well as to your potential clientage. We transfer all our skill and knowhow for creating content that serves all the purposes that our client wants to achieve with that content.

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