Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions might seem to be a mere formality to many companies and website owners but they are actually essential in case a contemporary or even a user tries to malign your company or its operations for personal goals. Whitehats content writers will ensure to compile an elaborate set of terms & conditions for their clients. These Terms & conditions details all the terms of use of the products, services of solutions our client has to offer to its potential clientage, partners and ordinary user base.

Terms & Conditions compiled by our content writers will consist of following characteristics

  • Complete detail of products/services/solutions offered
  • Disclaimer of any liability
  • Proper referencing of the governing laws
  • Proper documentation of requirements of usage
  • Use of best practices

With comprehensive Terms & Conditions written by Whitehats, our clients will be relieved of potential irritation that might have been caused. All the particular demands put forward by our client would be incorporated in the Terms & Conditions to align it with the working regimen of our clients.

Client satisfaction is important prospect in services rendered by our content writers as they transfer excellence in our clients’ services through their own words.




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