IT Support

In the modern day world, it is almost impossible to run a business or organization without the use of IT equipment. It is not just the IT equipment that is crucial but its proper running is also important for operation of any company. For this IT support contracts are signed nowadays among various companies. Now IT support is a tedious task as it includes lot of technicalities and higher risks due to the hefty investment made by a company in its IT infrastructure.

So in order to make the IT support contracts a success for involved parties, the business proposal for such deals must be written by an experienced content writer who is well aware not of the technicalities that are involved but also the probable liabilities.

Our business proposals for IT support consist of following points

  • Detail of equipment covered under the contract
  • Detail and period of service
  • Disclamation of any liability
  • Duties of signing parties

Any further details that our client might want to add in the proposals will be added as well. Whitehats is in possession of such a team of content writers who carry years of experience in writing such business proposals by catering for even the smallest detail.


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