Outsourcing services are gaining much importance in the corporate world nowadays as both large companies and newly started or small companies tend to benefit from it. But as mostly these services are offered by smaller company to a larger company, it needs not only to be impressive in content but comprehensive in details as well.

Our content writers, who have years of experience, are going to create business proposals for outsourcing services offered by our clients that will surely impress their prospective clientage. Our business proposal for outsourcing services consist of following features:

  • Use of corporate language
  • Details of offered services
  • Proper mentioning of terms of services
  • Duties of signing authorities
  • Proper disclamation of liabilities
  • Free of grammatical errors

Any further features that our client would want to specifically add into the proposals will be duly added in them. At Whitehats we aspire to put our services in use of our client in a way that they can harvest the maximum benefits for themselves with our experience and skill.

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