Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are backbone of the SEO strategy that is going to be devised for your website and various webpages by the internet marketing team. They not only help Google to sort out your webpages more accurately but also give a glimpse to your potential traffic that what kind of content or product is shown on the webpage. It means that importance of an accurate yet concise Meta description is double due to its significance both for the search engines and common users.

Whitehats content writers are going to write Meta descriptions for your website and its various webpages which will consist of following qualities

  • Proper placement of keywords
  • Within 150-160 character limit
  • Concise description
  • Comprehensible for readers & search engine

We are going to make sure that Meta descriptions written for our clients integrate with their overall internet marketing strategy.

With Whitehats at your side, you don’t have to worry about the perfection in the services that we deliver because we are accustomed of providing top class writing services to our clients especially when it comes to concise yet content rich meta descriptions.

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