Ever wondered why some articles or blog posts on certain topics get so much link love and sharing while others remain far behind, regardless of the amount of effort they have put into it. There are some simple things that people neglect when creating the content. The one thing that has stick to the mind of the so called content marketers is that they only need links. Have you imagined the value that search engines attach to content that has been linked to by others? The content that is loved, liked and shared by others has far greater SERP value. So let us jump to simple things that can give your content the mileage you always longed for.


Research It Well

No wants to relate to a piece of content if they know you are talking crap. It is so easy to generate run-of-the-mill content that adds zero value for the end users. Why would someone just share, like or mention your content anywhere on the web if it just another written piece of text? Well, no one would like to associate themselves with things that are not special in any manner. The idea is to come up with the stuff that would add value. Do your research well to make sure that you have developed the required level of depth which would make you sound authentic. It does not come up easy becoming expert at some subject. Therefore do not even try writing on something that you hardly know anything about. Every niche has a lot of experts so before you are shot down by another blogger, make sure you make sense.


Tell A Story

Storytelling is an art lost somewhere in the battle to become the top blogger by just posting everything and anything that comes to mind. People have started believing that the online world is about the quantity Content Writing Dubai that you are sharing. They do not realize that some of the very successful bloggers only write few posts a month. They just want to make sure that whatever they are writing sticks with their audience. Therefore, when you are writing something that is going to be loved by so many people, write it in a storytelling style. There can be countless ways in which you can do this. For example a product review that you used could be one way. The art of storytelling comes from the inside, so you need to devise ways to come up with interesting ideas.


Add Twist To The Same Thing

One way of doing something that would add value is by adding a twist to stories or topic that have already been covered. Instead of just “beating about the bush” try to add value. There can be so many examples of offering something new. For example, you can choose to contradict a topic covered by someone else. Write a blog post that is covering more points on a given subject. Give your own opinion on something that never existed before. Look at things from an altogether different angle. It depends on the way you define different. Just make sure that whatever you have written is not something that someone already covered somewhere else.


Make It Unique

The plain old blog post or article is not the only way to go. You can conduct a poll, survey, interview or any other thing that you can share with your audiences. One way of doing that is by giving your own take on things that you just found out about. For example, if you have been writing on SEO and you lately adopted a different technique of promoting your content, you can share the Google Analytics data and let your audiences know if that change worked in your favor or not. By uniqueness it means offering greater value than originally perceived by the audiences.

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