There was a time when content writing services were specifically required for the purpose of Search engine Optimization (SEO) but online marketers started totally abusing the content writing expertise of professional writers by following few practices

  • Heavy Keyword density
  • Low quality of content
  • Irregular use of keywords
  • Spamming

Now as the time has been passing, Google and several other search engines have solidly started thrashing the websites that were involved in these ill practices for higher ranking and more page visibility. With search engine giving more value to the naturally written content with an ability to elaborate the purpose of content writing, marketers are also changing their content marketing regimen.

Whitehats promises to deliver content which will be free of any ill practices being used by low level internet marketers or lousy content writers. We promise to writer content for our clients which will be in line with the demands of our clients. Either for purpose of SEO or pure website content, we’ll be committed to write contents that best defines the motive behind the writing of the content. Services/solutions/ products will be comprehensively written about with special focus on keywords, in case of SEO based content, so that 100% genuine ranking and position on search engine results are gained by our clients.

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