Nowadays website content writing is becoming a hotly pursued profession as content is becoming the distinguishing feature between websites of several companies offering similar services/products. Let us give you a brief detail of the narrow margin that lies between creative content writing and website content writing.

Content written with a strategy

Effective web writing is clear and concise, not serpentine and enigmatic. So save your nuanced allusions for your next short story and make sure your content strategy emphasizes clarity over all the content of your website.

Client vision is supreme

In creative writing, it’s your vision that matters most, and you have the right to defend that vision to the death. In the world of website content writing, your vision takes a back seat to the client’s. If the client wants to scrap your witty metaphors and hard-sell the company’s products instead, you need to do it.

Timeliness is key

You can have writer’s block while you are at creative content writing for as long as possible but once you have stepped into the domain of professional website content writing then you need to be abiding by the deadlines mutually agreed upon by you and your client.

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