Social media content writing services are getting more and more famous in recent times but like any famous thing, certain Myths are also related to this amazing form of content writing services. Some of these myths are

Social Media content is only to build new clients

Now some businesses and companies might be deluded by the fact that only new customers are attracted by an effective social media content but actually it is an effective tool to create brand loyalty in old clients as well. An intelligent mix-up of content which targets both new and old customers is the right strategy when it comes to social media marketing

Negative feedback is useless

Some social media managers consider negative feedback as a liability but it’s about making sure your brand is on record as listening and caring, because thousands of other customers/prospect

Only your own platforms are necessary

Simply not true. Social success is about people, not logos. If you add up the number of social connections of your employees, they almost always vastly exceed the connections for your official company accounts. Activating your employees and decentralizing social media is the next phase of success.

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