When Google Panda came onto the SEO scene, it thrashed thin or poorly written content like nothing. Many thought that Google Panda was already part of the main search engine ranking algorithm. But if you think Google mentioned it without a reason, think again. Google mentioned making Google Panda part of its algorithm for a purpose. It wants the world to know that no one can get away with scrappily scribbled content anymore. This also means that you need to change the way content is created for all your web properties.There are many companies that offer Website Content Writing Services in Dubai. Here are the things that you need to reconsider for your website’s content in order to keep enjoying unbridled web traffic flow.

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No Thin Content

Thin content, for no matter what reason is unacceptable. But when Google wants you to know of Google Panda, it also means that you cannot get away with thin content. A website that has thin content issues would be seriously penalized. Therefore, make sure that all your website’s important pages have adequate content. Thin content does not necessarily mean the amount of content. Your website’s content should not have any repetition and must provide useful information to the end users. A website with poorly written content may also fall into the category of thin content.

Quality over Quantity

Quality has always been something appreciated by Google. Any search engine that has to survive competition must deliver high quality search results. The quality of search results can only be preserved if the users are getting what they want. Google and other search engines seriously devalue content that is only long but has nothing to offer of value to the end users. Therefore, when you have write your paper by link something for your website, give it a thorough read to see if it is also offering something of value to the end readers or not. If you are only focusing on quantity and have no concern for quality, then you are website content is doomed to fail you and penalize as well.

Research Matters More

Google Panda update had many purposes. One of the purposes was to discourage run-of-the-mill content generated to gain traffic advantage. This approach has strongly been opposed by search engines and Panda update was a manifestation of that mindset. Therefore, research has become even more important for generating high quality content. Always make sure to plan your content well ahead, create clear outlines and make sure that you know each part very well. Consult several different information sources from which you are using the information. Make sure to only quote the sources which have allowed citation or else get prior permission. Search engines consider it a serious copyright offense using someone else’s research to write content without their permission when the source was not free to use.

Plagiarism Will Kill Your Website

Would you believe there still are con-artists who think they can get away with copied content? Well, yes there are many who just copy and paste the content and think they deserved to be rank on first page of Google. They are so wrong about their thinking. Google or any other search knows when the content written is copied or original. The originality of the content must not be sacrificed at any cost. This gives a poor impression if the users find that you are copying and pasting the content from some other place. You will also struggle to retain any rankings using some other website’s content. Other than anything else, Google’s so many algorithm changes would make it next to impossible for a website with plagiarized content to retain its previous position.

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