There are so many things that frustrate us when talking about the online business. One of the most frustrating thing is the conversions. It takes a lot of effort and time to create conversion driven pages. So when your page does not work the way it is supposed to, you do not have any option but to rework your strategy. Here are some steps to help your conversions via Field Marketing Content.


Step 1: Define Your Conversion Goals

Conversions is all about results. The first thing to do when not satisfied with your conversion goals is to review the goals that you have set. If you do not have any goals set for web page, then you probably need to set them. Think and take yourself into your customer’s shoes in order to judge how the customers would react to your page. Does it have what they are looking for? Ask the right questions, revamp your page and then see the difference. Once you have established the conversion goals that you want to accomplish it is time to see other things that impact conversion.


Step 2: Revise & Audit Content

After successfully determining the goals that you have set for content, it is time to have a look at the content on the web page that needs revision. Instead of trying to go with the one-size-fits-all approach, you need to see each page individually. Each page may have different dynamics and you need to make sure that it has all the elements that it needs to become a conversion success. You can also see the content needing revision using free analytics tools like Google Analytics.


Step 3: Use Data from Other Sources

Google Analytics is a very good tool for seeing the conversions. However there are many other valuable tools that offer a different view of the conversions. Check from these tools about the way users are interacting with your important web pages. Make sure that you only include valuable content and nothing superfluous. A well targeted web page with highly relevant content ensures greater conversions. One example of such a tool is Buzzsumo that helps you determine the type of content mostly shared within your niche. Many of the social media websites have also started providing their own analytics to let you know how well your content is doing.


Step 4: Make Your Content Work For You

It is very important to know if the content strategy that you have adopted works for you. Upon analyzing your content, you would be able to know if your audience likes what you have been writing or not. You are also able to know the kind of content they want to see more. It is important first step in creating the type of content which would help you create interest and improve the number of successful sales conversions. And you would also be able to know if you can only write text or experiment with other types of contents as well like podcasts, videos, and slide presentations.


Step 5: Closely Monitor CTAs

CTAs or calls-to-action play a very important role in triggering the conversions. There are some important things to determine if the CTAs that you have put on your website would eventually impact your buyer’s decision making. The call to action that you have created must directly communicate with your intended audience. It must clearly direct where the people need to go in order to get what they actually want. If you are using multiple CTAs for one particular item, they must be coherent and work in sync to provide you with best conversion results. The content written for CTAs must help the customers easily find what they are looking for. These CTA optimization tips would help you get the final step right in ensuring that your conversions have been optimized to the fullest extent.

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