One of the most difficult to answer question asked by content publishers everywhere in the world is “how to reduce bounce rate and increase page views?” This blog post is an effort to look at things which would help you increase your readers’ time on your pages and also reduce bounce rate. Read on to know the different aspects of content writing that you need to take care of.

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Structured Content

A basic mistake committed by content publishers is that they do not really care about the format or structure of the content published. They just write content in big chunks and copy paste it into their blog. The problem with this kind of approach is that readers do not have the time or willingness to make the effort of reading the entire piece. No one wants to read content that does not have any proper headings or paragraphs. Divide your long content into paragraphs. Make sure that each idea is discussed in a separate paragraph. The heading of each paragraph must let the readers know what is in the content that they are actually reading. The structure makes it easy for the readers to make sense of everything that has been written in there.We provide you the Quality Content Services in Dubai 


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An important yet often overlooked fact about content writing is relevance. Many times when the content is not relevant the website visitors do not want to continue reading it. Relevance means many things for the readers. For starters, it must stick to the topic that has been mentioned in the title. There are many publishers, particularly the big ones, which only believe in grabbing the attention by catchy titles. But underneath the title, there is not much substance offered to the readers. Therefore, do not just try to write titles which would make your click through rate high but also ensures that once readers have landed on your website, they are able to find meaty content which would make them stick there for longer period of time.



Length for the sake of it does not really matter. Readers are looking for in-depth material. There are many reasons why you need to write lengthy blog posts. The first is that lengthy blog posts have become a norm and readers expect a detailed piece. Secondly, lengthy blog posts because of the detail involved, offer greater insights. Third, it is very important for the readers to understand the difference between casually written blog posts and the ones written by serious content producers.


Fun Elements

Another important aspect of writing content is addition of fun elements. Many times we often forget the importance of adding other types of content. The new types of content publishers that taste success do not rely only on text. They also use videos wherever there is a requirement. High quality images can also be used to make the reading experience more pleasant. Similarly, if you add podcasts that would further enrich the content published. Info-graphics also add more fun to the statistics and figure that you have shared on your website.


Interesting Facts

Statistics and facts are very important. Search engines love articles or blog posts that include interesting facts. It also shows to search engines that a piece with statistics has been well researched. Make sure that you take highly relevant statistics and facts to include in the content. Also do not use some statistics if you do not have permission to use them. There are many free sources of information including the public libraries online from where you can get interesting figures and facts to include in your blog post.

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