When you mean business, your readers also mean business. You cannot get away with casually written content when something as valuable as your own company’s brand and repute is at stake. Let us discuss each phase in detail so you can create maximum impact among your audiences.

Planning Content

Content writing for business


You need to plan in advance by properly structuring and formatting your business blog posts. A planned blog post helps increase conversions. A well planned post will eventually help you increase awareness about your business online and improve brand value. The planning does not only involve thinking about the format and structure.

You will also need to think about the audience for whom you are writing a blog post. You need to start with select the best topics which help increase interest of the audience. One of the typical mistakes that content writers make is that they start writing about things which are of interest to them. However, when we are talking about any topic, we need to think about the likes and dislikes of our audiences instead of ours.

Think about the issues that they are facing. Come up with ways in which your content will help them over these problems. If your blog is having a lot of bounce rate with lower number of page views, there is something terribly wrong with your content. Therefore, study the traffic patterns of your website and compare it with your competitors to get more insights about the topics which would make a difference.

There are many tools available through which you can determine what types of titles have been appreciated by the audience mostly. Also re-measure the knowledge you have about your own industry. If you think that the level of depth has increased, try planning blog posts which involve a lot more detail instead of touchups. Do not fall for quantity over quality. Nowadays, Google and other search engines have become a lot more conscious and they would never serve their users with low quality information. Therefore, always plan for quality instead of quantity.

The Actual Writing

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Once you have planned the topic now you need to think about the actual process itself. When writing articles the sole purpose should not be increasing CTR or click through ratio. This is a dangerous preposition and may cost you position in search engine. Even if you add a catchy title and that does help you land users on to your website, they will not stay there if your blog post is not of value and does not offer anything new or unique.

The title of the article plays an important part in ensuring that people do click on it. When selecting a title do not just focus on the keyboards placement but also emphasize on the fact that they are interesting to the audiences and will grab their attention too. The start of any article or blog post is very important. These sentences play the role of an anchor by pulling the audiences towards them before they can start scrolling down. Even if you did write a very interesting title but your first few sentences were not interesting enough the readers will leave without reading further. This would result in increased bounce rate and lower SERP rankings. Always take time to think about the content of these first few sentences. This way you will be able to grab audience attention and decrease bounce rate too.

Format of the article plays a very important part in ensuring that your audience remains attached to the content that you wrote. Therefore, always focus on things like headings, bolds, and italics wherever required. Do not increase the length of the paragraphs unnecessarily as this would result in decreased audience interest. Always include relevant images and videos wherever applicable. If you are using an image from some other source, give due credit too. Make sure you are using the right font which is easy on eyes and makes reading a pleasure.

Call to Action


When you write something for business do find yourself time to refine it further for call to action optimization. There are many things that you need to take care of before your content really helps trigger calls to action.

The call to action text, button or any other item does not necessarily need to come at the end. Think and place yourself in your audiences’ shoes. Evaluate your top most competitors and see how they are using call to action for their advantage. Make the call to action item visible and easily accessible to audience. One common way is to place call to action right after you have explained benefits of a product.

There are many tools available for different purposes to help you determine the right approach towards call to action. For example, if you want your audience to download some material, you can use the different heat mapping tools to determine hot areas within our article.

One other interesting strategy is to ask your audience questions. The aim is to engage them in an interesting conversation. It can be placed in the middle of the article where the audience has already known about the topic and can engage themselves into the QA session. Make sure to it fun instead of trying to prove superiority of your knowledge over them.

There are different ways for promoting call to action. You can rely upon text as well as images. Some rely upon one while others use them both simultaneously.

When you are using buttons make sure that they are editable and created using CSS instead of just pasting an image. Work on the color and text to ensure that they match with the overall theme of the website.

Lastly, use simple to understand words in your call to action copy. Do not try to use difficult to understand concepts or words. All the terms should be self-explanatory. Some of the users of your products may have elementary level knowledge and therefore avoid using jargons.



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