You have probably seen many SEO checklists in the past. This checklist has been prepared to help you know the Latest SEO Trends and incorporate them into your website.


CMS Based Website

There are many ways in which a website can be developed. You need to make sui kre that you choose the way that is most sustainable. It is highly recommended to consider getting your website developed using a content management system. There are many reasons why you need to have your website developed via a CMS. The first reason is that CMS can be easily optimized. A custom built website takes a lot more effort in getting optimized. Secondly, a CMS based website remains updated for security loopholes. Lastly, there are many modifications, extensions and plugins that you can add to it through which it will provide you extra functionality.


Install Google Webmaster and Analytics

When we start a website, one of the most common mistakes is not installing Google Webmaster or Analytics. The idea is to install these two tools right away. There are many benefits of doing this. Google Analytics gives you complete update on the traffic, its demographics, users’ behavior flow, the types of devices they are using to access your website and any other goals that you have set in your website, if they have been achieved or not. Webmaster or search console as it has been renamed recently, helps you determine and resolve all the issues that a webmaster needs to know about their website. The issues are reported about 404s, crawl errors, and other problems of related nature.


Keywords Usage

When you are starting a website, in today’s competitive world content has become even more important. Therefore, you need to make sure that you know the keywords and the different places at which they would be used. There are many keywords tools available that you can use to set the keywords right. The idea is not just throw your website into a high competition keyword race. Start with the keywords that have low competition but significant amount of search volume and gradually move up. Otherwise, you will not be able to come on top for quite some time when you are talking about high competition keywords.


Website Content

When it comes to starting a new website, you need to be sure of the content published. You need to ensure that the quality and quantity both suffice our requirements. Do not try to write content in a hurry without understanding what’s going onto your website. Take your time to first determine your industry’s content best practices. Think about the internal pages that you would like to include in your website. Inter-link your website’s internal pages with the homepage. Ensure that you are taking time to write content that is of value. It is a very good practice to add a blog that ensures consistent and fresh supply of valuable content for the readers. There are many companies that offer Website Content Writing Services in Dubai. take special care to provide you with high quality content.

On-Page & Off- page SEO Optimization

There are many on-page and off-page SEO optimization techniques that you need to incorporate to see the results. The idea is to make sure that your website’s tags, sitemap, alt-tags and other factors have been seriously taken into consideration. Create your titles very carefully that contain relevant SEO keywords. Write Meta descriptions by choosing the keywords and phrases that best describe the content on particular pages. Develop a permalink structure that is SEO optimized and does contain keywords. Use the H1, H2, and H3 tags in your headings and subheadings to see better organic traffic on your website.


Off-Page SEO Optimization

There are many important off-page SEO optimization strategies that you need to master. The first strategy is creating a link profile analysis while keeping the competitor’s link building strategy in perspective. Look out for opportunities to create high quality links for your website. Identify and try to reach out to influencers that would help you get across more audiences. Take active part in relevant discussions, find online forums to participate in with healthy link building opportunities, and use anchor text having long tail keywords.

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