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SEO keeps on changing with the evolution of new technologies and changing search ecosystem. There are so many predictions to make but this article only looks at a select few with logic. The idea is to make sure that you have covered yourself for these predictions before your competitors took them seriously. There are many companies that offer content writing services in Dubai. When you work with these are the benefits that you will get. Follow on and see what you will find more of SEO in 2016.


Answers In Search Results

Internet users are readily looking for information. However, they are sometimes looking for more than just a casual linking. The increasing ability of internet to almost find you answer to anything that you can think of will drive the answer websites. Search engines will keep on showing in searches results from the answering websites. The idea is to make sure that the users get complete information about things that they are looking for. Many answers will remain in top 10 search results for a long time because of the detailed answers they have already given on any particular topic.


Facebook To Show Content In Search Results

The fact that Facebook allowed users to write content using its given tool was not by chance. Facebook, in its own way wants to compete with Google. Although Google searches the entire web to fetch content results, Facebook will use its own network to present text to its users. The users will be able to probably Facebook optimized content but it would probably remain important to FB. It is very early to determine if Google will also rank that content seriously in its own search results.


Increased Interest in Pinterest

Promoted pins have just been unleashed by Pinterest. When Pinterest provides you that kind of action, it means it has seriously started revamping its revenue earning model. The promoted pins would help image promoters get a new way of spending their marketing budget. Only time will tell how effective this new way of promoting graphic content actually is.


Growth of Mobile Users Accessing Websites Will Slow

The amount of mobile user growth that we have seen in the year 2015 will slow down. There are many explanations for that. There is no doubt that more of the internet users will use it on their smartphones. However, as a majority of the smartphone users have already started using internet, there is not that much amount of people left to join. This also means that you cannot dump user experience and content optimization for the desktop users yet. The ratio of majority of internet users accessing your website using desktop or PC will remain almost the same as it has been in the past.


Ad Blocking Will Become Serious Issue

User experience is no more a cliché. Everywhere we see online, user experience has become something embraced by the internet community in general. Browsers form an important part of the user experience. More features mean that each browser has to provide users with more user friendliness. One of the things that have become an important consideration for users of internet browsers is the ability to block ads. We as users are bombarded by advertisements on our browsers and this is something on which many internet browsers are already working. The idea is to either eliminate the advertisements altogether or to make it minimal. The possibility of removing advertisements is not something possible because the entire business model revolves around it. However, internet browsers in 2016 would aim to provide their users with more controls to view less of the unsolicited advertisements. This challenge has to be tackled equally by marketers and browser development companies.


Increase in Reliance on Content Marketing Software

Content marketing software in the past had limited capabilities. The features offered were not very effective to determine the kind of content marketing strategy that needs to be followed. There are multiple functions performed by this content marketing software. For example, Buzzsumo helps you determine the most viral content that has been written for any given niche. If you do not know what kind of content goes viral within your niche, you can use this tool to determine that and write something which would stick to your audience’s’ interest.

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