Social Media marketing is gaining more and more importance in the overall marketing campaigns whether it is related to giants of corporate world or even if they are for start ups. Let us guide you through a series of tips and tricks that can help you increase your reach to your targeted audience through social media marketing

Facebook Groups

As organic reach for the Facebook pages of companies continues to diminish, entrepreneurs, marketers and publishers should instead consider creating and managing Facebook Groups. The advantage is that members can opt in to receive direct notifications about updates.

Don’t relay on Single Platform

Convert Facebook fans into Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections into contacts that circle your profile on Google Plus. Then by regularly sharing on every social network, you (and your company) will forever be top of mind among your followers.

Longer Posts

Though Twitter won’t budge on its 140-character limit, Google Plus is a platform that encourages conversation that can begin with a longer increases the exposure of marketing and helps generate more interest of the target audience


Hashtags can either be created by average users or by companies themselves to support their specific campaigns. Some people have created hashtags and set new trends by accident. But companies with a large following should develop their own specific hashtags as a way to create attraction around their brand.

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