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Actually if I tell you there is nothing rocket science about becoming a successful blogger, you would not believe. Well, content creation is not a process for everyone. It is hard work and needs dedication. You need to commit yourself, set goals and become an avid writer. You will not start writing great content right away. But with practice and a positive frame of mind towards learning, you would be able to step up the content that you generate. Before we delve into why your content needs to rock, here is why quality content is so important.

Benefits of Quality Content Writing

Greater Audience Interest


Everything does not matter if you fail to grab the attention of your audience. You need to write high quality content to roll some eye balls. Otherwise, what’s the point of being there if you fail to attract readers. Therefore, when you are aiming for high quality, you do not need to worry about interest, as it will automatically compel readers to stay with you for longer periods of time.

More Brand Value

Brand Value

Your brand or your company’s brand is very important. You only earn that once others trust you. It is very easy to lose that trust by writing shoddy and run-of-the-mill content without giving any second thoughts to the reader. The right way to do content is by empathizing with your readers and providing them with something of value.

Loyal Readers

Loyal Reader

It is not easy to build loyal readership unless you are really offering something of value. Therefore, when you are only aiming for relevant and authentic content, you will also get loyal readership. You can use signup popups to gather emails and start sending email newsletters too. A lot of successful websites do that once they have earned the trust of their readers.

Link Juice

Did you know that many of the expert content writers and bloggers become successful because they never went out for endorsements? They instead believed in themselves and wrote something awesome. That awesome content compelled other webmasters to link to your content. This did not happen by accident. And by the way Google and other search engines know the difference between earned and paid links.

It Helps

Great content is written by keeping one aim in mind and that is to help your readers in one way or the other. It does not follow the philosophy of selling a crappy product or already beaten down service that no one is willing to spend money on. It aims to help you resolve a problem. And deep down every one of us wants to help others.

Top Secrets of Expert Content Writers

Empathy with Readers

Abraham Lincoln once said famously, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” Unfortunately a lot of newbie content creators usually do not take this advice seriously. They just want to churn out as much content as they can. They forget to think about the audience. They do not want to put in the time required to empathize with the readers. Let me ask you a question, “Would you read a lousily scribbled piece of text?” Your answer will be resonating NO! Why? No one likes to read text that is boring or just down right to the point. Therefore, start with the audience in mind and then start planning the content itself.

Create an Outline

Remember the English teacher who would always push us to create an outline before starting to write an essay. Well, the basics of writing good quality content haven’t changed. You would ask why to write an outline? There are many ways in which an outline helps. The first reason is that it helps you remain on track and you do not get lost into details. Secondly, when you create an outline, you are able to create a holistic picture of the entire piece i.e. beginning, middle, and end. You can accordingly make changes to any particular part without getting lost. Third, outline gives your content a structure which is very important to make sure your reader is able to easily follow you.

Research More

Research more

You always need to think of content as a highly competitive market where more and more people are writing about the same thing. However, one thing is common among the majority, just want to publish and do not really want to get into the detail of things. But as they say, the devil is in the detail. You need to make sure that the content you create has a differentiation factor. To create differentiation or a competitive edge, you need to add some hard facts like statistics or other information which is missed by other content writers. These added details will ensure that your content is more authentic and attracts greater attention.

Catchy Title

Titles are important part of content. CTR or click through ratio lets you know if someone clicked on your content when it appeared within search engines. If your website’s content is failing to get higher CTR that means you need to revise the titles that you are creating. Search engines drop results that have reduced number of CTRs.  Take some time to write a title that is catchy. Do not write too short or too long titles. You need to find a balance while ensuring the title is able to convey complete information.

Use Humor

Humor is something that we all like. To some content writers humor comes naturally while others may not be that funny. If you are able to use some humor that would definitely help you increase your readership. Make sure you know the type of humor you are using. Try not to use dark humor and do not cross the line of decency. Any humor which is offensive to any particular segment of the society must never be used at all.

Active VS Passive

Active vs passive

Many new content writers are not able to differentiate the use of active and passive voice. Google and the users alike want to read content that is written in active voice. Therefore, do not use passive voice unless it is really important. Passive voice shows lethargy and does not go well with the readers. Active voice starts with the subject, follows up with action verb and the direct object. Passive voices results in longer sentences, makes it difficult for reader to understand content and results in weaker comprehension. Active voice reflects confidence, directness, and subtlety.

Build Your Own Voice

When you start writing content for the first time, you will not able to find your voice right away. However, with the passage of time, as you write more content, you will be able to know the kind of write you are. You need to be able to criticize your own work, find ways to improve it and work on areas of weakness. Compare yourself with other expert writers that you adore or get inspiration from. You will be able to know the missing elements that you need to find your own voice.

New Perspective

A new perspective is equally important. When you write content, think about the ways you can make it more interesting and worth the readers’ while. Make sure that you add some elements of greater value to make sure that it stands out. Try to add a new perspective or different dimension to your content. Readers are always searching for something new and not what everyone else already wrote or thought about. It is vital for your success to remain creative about the innovation that you are bringing to your content.

Intelligent Use of Headings

Always use headings. Headings are important for so many reasons. They are very critical for getting SEO traffic. Your reader comes to know the ideas discussed under each heading instead of trying to figure out by reading each paragraph. Headings help save the time of the reader and add to the reading experience. If you intelligently insert keywords, they would further enhance SEO of the content that you just wrote. Make sure that the headings should match with their respective paragraphs in terms of the main idea discussed.



Proofreading is a must. You cannot just publish content that hasn’t been properly proofread. You need to recognize the fact that readers want perfectly written content. Read it carefully at least twice to make sure that you have not made any spelling, grammar or other kind of contextual mistake. A lot of new writers solely rely upon word processing software and consider Spell Check as an alternate to proofreading. However, word processing software has limited capability and you need to go through the content yourself before getting it published.

Add Conclusion Wherever Possible

Every topic does not need conclusion. Therefore, it is not always recommended that you need to add a conclusion. There are some topics where conclusion will help the reader make sense of everything that you just wrote. Also, conclusion helps you sum up everything at the end. Conclusions do not need to be too lengthy. Write concise and to the point conclusion.

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